Our Process

At the foundation of your relationship with our team is a comprehensive, integrated investment plan that is updated during scheduled meetings. You will be guided through a disciplined process that includes taking an inventory of your current assets and liabilities as well as analyzing your existing investment portfolio and investment objectives.

Our advisors construct custom-tailored investment portfolios designed to achieve each client’s goals. We diversify your investment portfolio between different asset classes to reflect your specific investment objectives and tolerance for risk. Our investment approach includes making recommendations for separately managed institutional portfolios to seek to optimize risk-adjusted return.


We meet with clients to help track progress and adjust the strategy and rebalance portfolio asset allocations as necessary. Your progress in seeking to achieve your investment objectives is reviewed and evaluated through scheduled reviews that include summary results, activity reporting and ideas for future consideration.

Lighthouse Wealth Management embraces a team approach. We work closely with your other professional advisors – such as your attorney, accountant and tax professional – to help ensure everyone understands and is working toward the same ultimate goal.

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